Insider: QS Cast #62: Many Topics, Many Cards!

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The QS Cast has returned: Chaz Volpe, and Tarkan Dospil continue on with where the cast left off and in this episode they discuss the following:

  • Banlist Updates, AKH Release, Standard, Commander
  • We discuss a ton of cards on this cast to watch, acquire, and document moving forward.
  • Allude to some new QS Announcements!

We discussed the following: Certain cards we mention foil versions.

As always, please comment and leave questions for us to address on the next cast! We will be making QS Insider questions a priority, and we want to know what you want covered.

Enjoy! We’re glad to be back.

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2 thoughts on “Insider: QS Cast #62: Many Topics, Many Cards!

  1. I don’t believe the gods are worth picking up unless like you guys say 2-3 dollars, Every retailer I’m seeing has kefnet and bontu above 4 slightly. Oketra I’m seeing around 3 butI think that’s a bigger longterm play so there’s time at least until next set comes out unless there’s a crazy boost in the set to the gods. Rhonas is a bad buy like hazoret as they are too high. I agree keftnet could get the spike from the pt, but it’s hard to see as a 4 of unless you’re discarding the extras to pull from tomorrow, it’s hard to drsaw as mutiples, bontu is hard to turn on in standard unless in combat and tthen bontu can’tt swing unless it’s a zombie you’re saccing and I wouldn’t want to draw multiples. Rhonas and Hazoret is ok to have mutiples as there are goo ways of using the multiples copies, rhonas is attking in aggro and you want to draw it, Hazoret can discard extra copies at a benefit. Oketra seems like the worse in std net to bontu. This is only regarding standard.

    Long term I completely agree for edh at buying in at 2-3 but I think there’s time for Bontu and Oketra and Kefnet is borderline. Even if you get in on Kefnet at 4-5 it’ll spike to 10 max, I would not want to buy in right, only trade, unless I’m playing standard control or just to have, but I would question wanting 4. And if it’ll be hard to trade for when most people haven’t opened that much quite yet. Also depending on where you live, trading is hard or dead nowadays.

    1. ****CORRECTION*****

      Long term I completely agree for edh at buying in at 2-3 but I think there’s time for Bontu and Oketra, and Kefnet is borderline because of a possible pt spike.

      How hard can Chord and Aetherworks marvel could spike?

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