Insiders: Update and First Steps for Improving Trader Tools

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6/30/17, 3:55PM CST:

The prices have been restored and all vendors are showing up as they should, both in Trader Tools and ION Scanner's local database. The long and short of it is that, after four years of hourly auto-increments, the datatype in our DB ran out of numbers. It was one of those things that will only happen once.

Just for fun: we were using int, which goes up to 2,147,483,647. So we used all those. We changed it to another type that should give us room for a bit more than 17,000,000 years at our current rate.

Thanks again for your patience this afternoon.


6/30/17, 1:21 PM CST:

Hi Insiders,

As part of our initiative to optimize our tools – and quickly – we took down the price database this morning to do some short-term work. We discussed leaving portions of it running, but by simply taking it offline for a short while, we are able to work faster and more effectively.

For those interested, here are some technical details:

An issue is stemming from the population of the price databases for a few of our vendors. Their prices aren't updating the way they should, so we're digging into why this is and what has changed in the pipeline. With many moving pieces, sometimes things stop working as they have for inextricable surface-level reasons. Usually, we can tackle issues like this before resorting to an interruption in service, but this is one of the occasions where it's taking longer that we would hope to get ironed out.

This is part of the process of launching the new and improved Trader Tools, so thank you for your patience as we work on scaling up our technical team to match our increased growth! We'll have more info throughout the day.

Kelly, Tyler, and the QS Tech Team

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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