Video Series with Ryland: Amulet Titan #2

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Hey everyone! I'm back again with Amulet Titan. Many of you had requested I return to this deck once again and considering how much I love it, I'm happy to oblige. I've been back at it on my stream and thought this would be a good opportunity to return to titaning people in the most exciting way. Much of this write-up will be familiar to you if you saw my last Amulet series, but I will try to highlight some of the small differences in the list and meta.

A quick recap for those unfamiliar: Amulet is a combo deck trying to cast Primeval Titan as quickly as possible. Often, Titan appears on turn three, and while unlikely, there is the potential for a turn-two Titan. The deck largely accomplishes this by abusing the power of its namesake card, Amulet of Vigor, in combination with the bounce lands from Ravnica, such as Simic Growth Chamber.

Currently, not much has changed since last time. The sideboard has some very minor changes, the biggest of which is cutting the three-mana sweepers for two copies of Pyroclasm. Frankly, I cannot definitively vouch for the validity of this change, but it is something I want to continue to test. Yes, Kozilek's Return can be very powerful against Affinity, but so can clasm. Costing two mana is a huge drop from three and can really help you in double-spelling sooner. In addition, sometimes you need to be able to reliably kill things on turn two (see Devoted Druid and Steel Overseer) and Kozilek's Return will do that job much less frequently.

In addition, the Bojuka Bog has moved to the maindeck, replacing the fourth Explore. This has largely been to make room for more sideboard threats, such as Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. Admittedly though, I'm not sure he's the additional threat I want. Certainly he is powerful against Storm, and there are other matchups he is reasonable against (Burn, Control, etc.). That said, I'd like to have a more rounded threat that is reasonable in just about every slower matchup; something like an additional Tireless Tracker.

I mention this because you will see me employ a near "transitional" sideboard plan, as you have likely seen me do in the past. This plan involves cutting our namesake in Amulet (no, not Titan, I'm not that crazy) and adding in all of our additional threats. When this plan is effective, you will end up playing a slower, more traditional ramp-style game, where you find ways to make extra land drops and begin casting fatty after fatty. This plan is particularly potent against any deck with heavy disruption of any variety, be it discard or removal. As such, I will almost always cut Amulet in matchups where speed is not essential.

I hope you enjoy the matches as much as I always do! As usual, I'm interested to hear what kind of content you'd like to see moving forward, so I can continue to evolve and improve my videos. Please let me know your thoughts, and any improvements you would like to see concerning formatting, presentation, or whatever else strikes your fancy. If you'd like to see similar content, check out my Twitch channel for some more live Modern!


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