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"And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you Meddling..."

After Collins Mullen's Humans deck won SCG's Modern Open in convincing fashion (he didn't even drop a match), prices of some cards in the deck ticked upwards as the hype train started. In this particular post, we'll focus on the suddenly resurgent Meddling Mage.

The Culprits

Thanks to these guys, the mage gets to live up to its full potential without needing you to guess what card should be named. After getting access to the opponent's hand via Kitesail Freebooter, the mage will give you a chance to save yourself from getting wiped out by an Anger of the Gods or combo'd out by a Grapeshot. The Reflector Mage buys you a turn so that you can hose a troublesome Gurmag Angler, while the Ethersworn Canonist will definitely slow down opposing control and combo decks alongside the Meddling Mage.

From as low as $7.99 on the week before the Humans deck won, it went to as high as $19.99, and stores such as Star City Games and TCGplayer are now low on stock. You could still find them for lower prices elsewhere, but you better start moving if you'd like to have your own playset. If you happen to have lots of these cards and plan on start cashing out, the following days might be very interesting for you.

With the format for the upcoming SCG Regional Championship being Modern, we'll find out if this deck is for real. If it is, then expect more movement not only for the mage, but for other key pieces as well. In my opinion, if you want a set for personal use, now is a fine time to buy, as it's unlikely that the card will lose its value soon.

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11 thoughts on “Stock Watch – Meddling Mage

  1. Nice, I do note that you only call out the Alara Reborn version. I wonder how the original Planshift version compares? Is it following a similar pattern or is the Alara version more desirable for some reason?

    1. It’s more of an art preference if you ask me. It’s worth noting though that cards with older arts tend to merit a larger price increase when it spikes. In this case, either version works as both of them might be moving out of the market pretty soon.

    1. Best way would be to look for people close to you who needs it. No trouble dealing it that way. Your local gaming store is another way to dispose it, if the price is right. There are always people looking out for it in forums if you have the time to browse 🙂

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