Daily Stock Watch: Voice of Resurgence

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Hello, everyone and welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Daily Stock Watch! While everyone else is busy looking at Rivals of Ixalan spoilers, I'm more concerned about its namesake Pro Tour that's coming up. In case you're not aware that it's going to be a Modern tournament, now might be the best time to start speculating on what cards could see major ups and downs once a new Pro Tour champion has been crowned. This could happen to any card, and our featured card today might be on the receiving end of some much needed financial gain if it gets enough exposure on a top performing deck.

Voice of Resurgence just hit its all-time low today of $10.83, and the decline has been steady thru the years, due to the inability of decks that use it to maintain tier one status. We could consider the fact that the metagame has shifted from one that could easily be dominated by blue decks (which Voice of Resurgence usually feasts on) to a different one that is abundant with big mana decks that doesn't really care about what VoR could do. And as a conditional, two-color creature that doesn't really have the killer instincts of a Tarmogoyf or Death's Shadow, it might be really hard for it to find a home in today's battlegrounds.

But the strength of VoR is hard to ignore, and this is why GWx decks still end up playing this card whenever they have the chance. At least five decent decks in Modern are considered home to VoR, and let's check this stock GW Aggro deck which has bounced around in the format as a fringe tier one/two deck.

This is how I would build a deck that utilizes the best GW aggro creatures in the format. It is synergistic, but it doesn't really depend on the combo of Vizier of Remedies and Devoted Druid to win games consistently. Although that list also uses VoR in the main deck, it hasn't really given VoR that time to shine because it's always overshadowed by the combo aspect of the list.

Lost in Transition

Above are some of the cards that have dwindled in popularity as Modern has evolved, and it's not hard to include VoR in that short list. The Utility Checker states that 4.2% of winning decks last year have utilized an average of 2.9 copies of VoR, but this was still not enough to stall its financial decline. However, all is not lost on this card, and we could be in for the surprise of our Magic lives if this skyrockets back to the upper echelon of expensive cards after Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. I hope we're not forgetting that this card was worth $50 back in the day.

At the moment, you could get copies of VoR from Star City Games, TCGPlayer, Channel Fireball, and Card Kingdom for anywhere between $8.55 (played copies) up to $11.99 (near mint copies). I like the idea of trading for them for $8 and below because I still have hopes that this card would be worth more than its current price tag once it finds its niche in the format. I'd stay away from the foils because I don't like its spec value, but you could always feel free to pick them up if you feel that you're doing a good trade for it. Just give it a $25-$30 value, and don't force the issue if you can't get it for that price.

And that’s it for the Wednesday edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you again tomorrow, as we check out a new card that should be on the go, or good enough for speculating. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

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