Insider: Modern Cards on the Move After the Full Reveal of Masters 25

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Masters sets like Masters 25 are made up of reprinted cards, and that brings everyone to the edge of their seat in anticipation of what is going to be included. Any card reprinted sees a sell-off in advance of its inevitable price decline, but what is just as important is what is not included in the set.

The full Masters 25 spoiler was revealed at the end of last week, and with full knowledge of what is to come, the market has reacted. Specifically, there are some high-value and important Modern staples that dodged reprint, which means they are safe for the time being, potentially until next year’s Masters set, and that has led to some significant price increases. Today I’ll review the cards that have gained the most since the spoilers and size up their likelihood for future reprint, whether it’s in in a Masters set, supplemental product, or even added back to Standard.

The biggest Masters 25-related price increase of the past week has been Through the Breach. It’s a Modern staple that has seen a significant increase in play and success recently, being used in a variety of different decks, including Red-Green Titan Breach, Blue-Red Breach and the Grishoalbrand deck. It has the splice keyword, which is one of the more obscure keyword abilities in Magic and one that makes it all but impossible to reprint in any sort of normal set, barring the return of the keyword. Even then, its high power level for Standard would make it an unlikely reprint.

It has also seen a Masterpiece reprint in Amonkhet, so having another one is likely off the table, and the only real reprint risk would be in a supplemental product like a Commander deck. That makes Through the Breach a relatively fail-safe spec with real demand, which explains its increase from $45 to nearly $70 in the past week. That’s massive growth, but there’s also no real indication the price is going to fall, so I could see this hitting $100 sometime this year.

A similar story to Through the Breach is Goryo's Vengeance, another splice card that by avoiding reprint is likely safe for another year. It sees much less play than Through the Breach, but it’s still a staple with applications in various decks, which explains its solid growth from $45 to $50 this week. It has already pulled back a couple dollars to $48, but overall it’s on the uptrend and will continue to grow this year.

Another major price increase over the past week has been Dark Confidant, with all three printings growing over 30 percent, with the two Modern Masters printings going from around $55 to $75, and the Ravnica version from $60 to $85. Helping spur this growth is the sudden rise to prominence of Jund due to the unbanning of Bloodbraid Elf.

Dark Confidant has always been one of the very best cards in Modern, and though recently it has seen very little play, it’s now right back in the mix. Jund isn’t going anywhere, and Modern players are relatively slow to change decks, but over time more and more will play Jund, so this is another card with real demand that could move it towards $100 in 2018. It’s theoretically reprintable in a variety of products or even Standard, but I really don’t see it happening until a futures Masters set.

Noble Hierarch is similar to Dark Confidant in that it’s a Modern staple with a past Modern Masters reprint that escaped Masters 25. It hasn't been seeing heavy play in Modern, with Infect absent from the metagame and Collected Company decks relatively quiet, but it still sees its fair share of play, and is now on the upswing. Bant CoCo decks are on the rise with the new inclusion of Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and more significant is its use in Eldrazi decks, including Red-Green Eldrazi and even the return of Bant Eldrazi, so demand for the card is increasing. It has seen modest growth, with the Modern Masters 2015 printing growing from around $58 to $63, and the original Conflux printing hasn’t really budged from $62. That said, there is definitely increased interest and demand, and as a keyword creature that is certainly too good to reprint in Standard even with a return of exalted, it’s mostly safe from reprint, so I expect solid growth this year.

Worldwake Creature Lands

One of the cards, rather group of cards, most highly-anticipated for reprint are the Worldwake creature lands, which are essential Modern staples with high price points. They seemed like perfect inclusions to Masters 25, but the spoiling of the filter lands took this off the table, and has led to significant increases in their price. This has been compounded by the unbans, which have drastically increased demand for Raging Ravine in Bloodbraid Elf decks, and the blue lands Celestial Colonnade and Creeping Tar Pit in Jace, the Mind Sculptor decks.

Celestial Colonnade has seen a large increase from $55 to an unbelievable price point just shy of $70.

In terms of percentage, Creeping Tar Pit grew even more, a 30-percent rise from $22 to $29.

The biggest gainer is Raging Ravine, which is now at the forefront of Modern in the metagame-defining Jund deck, which grew from $10 to $15 after the unbans, and then from $15 to $25 since the spoilers.

These cards are quite expensive, and it seems like it would be good for Modern for them to see a reprint, so that has to be coming eventually. But like the Onslaught fetchlands, we might have to wait longer than expected.

That said, I could also see these being included in a normal set to massively increase interest, just like those fetchlands were included in Khans of Tarkir, and while powerful, they seem like fine additions to Standard. I assumed there was a possibility they would be included in Dominaria, but the recent leaks show Isolated Chapel included, meaning the rest of the enemy checklands will be reprinted there.

Thus, the creatures lands could be used to bolster interest in the return to core sets this summer, but otherwise, I’d look towards the fall set. Until a reprint, these cards are just going to keep growing, but when that reprint happens, it will knock them down considerably (although the original art would hold a premium over the reprint versions).

All that being said, while I think the rest of the cards shared today are reasonable buys, it's probably about time to sell your creature lands.

What are you buying and selling in the wake of Masters 25Dominaria, the Modern metagame, and the market?

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