Daily Stock Watch – Shalai, Voice of Plenty

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Hello, everyone and welcome to a new edition of the Daily Stock Watch! I hope that you've been browsing through a lot of Magic-related articles lately, particularly the financial ones, so that you get to stay in the loop of what's going on in the crazy world of our favorite card game. I've been doing some reading and one that particularly caught my eye was Adam Yurchick's article about Dominaria cards that he thinks will be major players in the market in the near future. Today, I'll be featuring one of my favorite cards from the set (which he also highlighted) which I think will really do well today, tomorrow, and in the following years to come.

A lot of angels are printed in almost every new set, and expectations are always high when you see one. Lyra Dawnbringer is the Baneslayer Angel reincarnate, albeit it's legendary, while Shalai, Voice of Plenty is in a world of her own even though it's just a rare card. It's worth nothing that this is already getting a lot of exposure in Modern just as Adam pointed out to, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this standing side by side with Lyra in the coming months. Blue White Control in Standard is a real deck and based on this winning list from SCG Baltimore Open, the best is yet to come for decks of its kind.

Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage gets booted out of this list as Walking Ballista makes its appearance in the maindeck along with the two angels that we've talked about earlier. Shalai gives the Ballista some nice protection as it prepares itself to become a bigger threat, and also gets some boost from Lyra with the lifelink assist off its ability. The rest of the deck is gasoline, with the re-emergence of Heart of Kiran (thanks to the knights that History of Benalia is producing) and some back up in the form of counter magic. The deck looks quite expensive on paper, but it sure is capable of producing wins just by sheer star power alone. Shalai will benefit from being included on this list, and expect to see more of her at the Pro Tour.

Dominaria Stars

We'll be seeing lots of these guys in the days to come, and that will also mean that there will be lots of action financially for most of them. Shalai has seen a steady decline since it was released, and it should continue to do so as more packs are opened (this set is really good so expect more supplies in the coming weeks) and lots of players will be looking to dispose their spare copies. I usually hate speculating on Standard cards and will only start doing so once rotation time is near, but rule of thumb says that multi-format stars are exceptions. I think that Shalai will be one of these cards from this set, and I'd start buying in as soon as it hits the $3 threshold. There's lots of room for growth for this card.

At the moment, you could get Shalai, Voice of Plenty from online stores such as StarCityGames, ChannelFireball, Card Kingdom and TCGPlayer for anywhere between $4.85 up to $6.49. It is very seldom that a rare gets to maintain its value in a heavily-opened set, so there might be some lull time on it being able to maintain this price tag. I'm looking to buy in at $3, but I'm not sure if that window will come anytime soon because of its popularity. Keep an eye on it in the coming weeks or months and get your copies once it hits rock bottom (or our buying price) as it should easily be a $5-$10 card in the future. Grabbing a few foils would also be nice.

And that’s it for today's edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you again tomorrow, as we check out a new card that should be on the go, or good enough for speculating. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

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