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I bet you didn't know that the treasure chest contents received a facelift with the release of Dominaria. That's because the only mention of it was made in the official Dominaria announcement, and the official curated list on the Wizards website has yet to be updated with the newest iteration of the list. There's some interesting stuff in here, some of which is important, some of which could impact the financial futures of cards currently in your portfolios, and some of which should affect what you choose to invest in going forward.

Let's get straight to it. I've broken this data down into smaller more manageable chunks.

I. Standard Changes: Glint-Sleeve Siphoner Leads the Pack

I'd say these are modest changes. Overall, more Standard cards were added than taken away, in line with current trends, and in fact, the only Standard-legal cards removed from the treasure chests were the Innistrad lands.

What I was surprised by was the addition of the Amonkhet lands. These lands have yet to really break out (although, finally, Irrigated Farmland experienced a major price spike over the weekend in light of the results of SCG Atlanta), yet Wizards determined that they should be added to the chests anyway. Personally, over the past few months I've been slowly selling off my Scattered Grovess for a decent profit, but my Canyon Sloughs remain mired in the $0.40 to $0.75 range. The downward pressure of rotation and the drip of new supply from these chests will likely prevent the less popular Amonkhet lands from spiking hard. I would not be a buyer going forward.

At current prices, I'm not a buyer of Settle the Wreckage or Aethersphere Harvester. I'm a bit mad at myself for not investing in Harvester last month. At 2.04 tix, Glint-Sleeve Siphoner is a potentially lucrative speculation. Goblin Chainwhirler might prevent it from exploding again, but I could definitely see it rise to 5.00 tix in the future. If it dips even lower, I'll likely buy in. Its 12 frequency is a bit scary, but it's not too much of a deterrent for a premier Standard two-drop.

II. Pauper Changes: Who Do You Think You Are, the Monarch?

These Pauper changes are more far-reaching than the Standard ones. We see the general trend begun with the March update continue: cards in Masters 25 are seeing their treasure frequencies slashed. Ash Barrens, at a frequency of 40 a few months ago, will now have a frequency of 12. Nettle Sentinel, once at 40, will now be at 6. Even Diabolic Edict will be a more interesting spec going forward now that it's (finally) off the curated list.

Although the time to have bought Ash Barrens and Nettle Sentinel were a month ago when I first recommended them as Masters 25 speculations, Nettle Sentinel would currently still make a good spec. I'm more hesitant to buy Ash Barrens at 4.00 tix, but if it dips to 3.00 tix, I'd be a happy buyer.

In January, Entourage of Trest left the treasure chests entirely, and its value exploded. In March, it was reintroduced to the chests, and with this latest update its frequency is doubling up to 12. I'm definitely not a buyer at current prices, and in fact, I sold off all my remaining copies over the weekend. If you're using Entourage, feel free to hold onto it, but otherwise, I'd sell now (you'd still be tripling up if you followed my December recommendation in my Pauper article, so that's still really good!).

A lot of Pauper cards are at historic lows as focus has shifted back to Standard. Cards like Lava Spike and Nettle Sentinel just don't stay down this low forever. Buying in now feels like a no-brainer.

III. To Invest In Recently Rotated Cards?

These are the two cards on the list you probably care most about. These were introduced to the chests in January, and now their frequencies are being increased from the slight 6 to the moderate 12. Collective Brutality has fallen off a cliff in recent weeks, and Liliana's outrageous price is being corrected, from 50 tix down to the present 40 tix.

I'm personally still surprised that Liliana has mustered such a high price tag, given that she's currently at where she was during her heyday in Standard. Frequencies of 12 for Modern cards make me a bit squeamish, and I think Liliana has some room to fall. I'm not comfortable investing in her at anything above 30 tix.

Collective Brutality seems like a much more solid choice. More versatile, a lower converted mana cost, and its price has fallen by a lot more. I'd wait for the current downward spiral to end, but it seems like a good place to park a lot of money. I currently have 400 tix on hand, and I'm trying to decide whether to spend a good deal of them on Collective Brutality or The Scarab God.

Atarka's Command, currently sitting at 0.95 tix, is being removed entirely from the treasure chests. It hasn't been this low since its initial release, but it also has largely fallen out of favor in Modern Burn. The card is powerful enough that I'm definitely an interested buyer now that the downward pressure caused by the chests has been removed.

Kolaghan's Command is having its frequency doubled, and currently is sitting at a relative low of 15.80 tix. I'd be a bit hesitant to be a speculator (though, with a ceiling of about 30.00 tix, there's definitely room to make money here), but I do think now is the appropriate time to buy the one or two copies you need for your Modern deck. At minimum, the same holds true for Collective Brutality.

IV. Eternal Changes

The largest shifts in this category are a +12 for Noble Hierarch, a +12 for Goblin Lore, a +12 for Life from the Loam, and a -12 for Remand. Remand has a price history more reminiscent of a Pauper card, meaning that it experiences more violent and frequent upswings and downswings. At 1.53 tix, Remand seems like a solid buy. Hierarch's valuation has been cut in half over the past month. A curated frequency of 12 does not scare me too much, so I think that if you want to play with Noble Hierarch, now is a decent time to buy your playset.

Going against the grain of recent updates, this update witnessed an uptick in curated frequencies for some Legacy staples. All three of these cards are cards I would sell. Containment Priest and Sanctum Prelate, in particular, should experience major price decreases since those cards just don't have that high of a demand.

Surprisingly, the 67.70 tix Mox Opal is having its overall frequency lowered from 18 to 12. In the grand scheme of things, this will not be too impactful, but I do think it likely that Mox Opal has reached its ceiling. I'd be a seller now (in truth, I would have been a seller for the past year).

V. Signing Off

A copy of my portfolio can be found here. The month of April was a busy one for the portfolio, as I bought $275 and sold $560. I reached the $2,000 profit marker off of the very sexy sell of four copies of Scattered Grove for $0.79 a copy. May is likely to be quieter, but we'll just have to see!

What do you make of this treasure chest update? Are you excited about investing in any of these cards? Will you be selling some of them off in the coming weeks? Let me know in the comments down below!

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