QS Cast #103: Let’s Expletive Cast

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The QS Cast returns! Chaz, and Tarkan come together as the new panel – and in this episode they discuss the following:

  • Core 2019/Commander 2018
  • Insider Questions
  • Interests - Cast Picks - New Segment: Insider Picks!


Inaugural Insider Picks!

(Foil Custodi Lich, and Alternate Art Foil Kenrith Twins.)

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Chaz V

Started playing during Invasion block at the age of 13. Always a competitive person by nature, he continues playing to this day. Got into the financial aspect of the game as a method to pay for the hobby and now writes, Podcasts, and covers all aspects of the game, always trying to contribute to the community and create great content for readers and listeners.

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One thought on “QS Cast #103: Let’s Expletive Cast

  1. I have two points to comment on:

    1.) Regarding a new land cycle in Ravnica: I don’t see this happening. WotC just did a new cycle in Battlebond. When playing two-headed or EDH, they basically *are* dual lands. WotC seems to enjoy giving their player-base a break from new things, so I don’t see that stopping here with back-to-back land cycles.

    2.) Abolishing the reserved list: Agreed, not happening, especially anytime soon. WotC is looking to the future with new card innovations and design ideas (flip cards, borderless lands, ongoing push to digital) that looking backwards at old cards seems counterintuitive to their goals. Plus, yea, they’re coming off Dominaria, which was by all accounts a success. Why would they jeopardize themselves over something that doesn’t need to be touched? If I was Mark Rosewater, I’d be embarrassed opening the flood gates to so many outdated cards; do your job, design-team!

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