1. Wow, really ? Lillian and Omniscience as “bad and ugly” ?

    Sure Liliana has some room to fall, but I would consider it a slam dunk at 3-4 USD (it’s at 6-7 now).

    For Omnisicience, it’s already retailing at 5 USD. That’s cheap in my view for a card that used to be worth 30 USD and is played in Commander and Legacy…

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree, but I would like to have some explanation as to why it’s so bad: maybe I just do not see the problem ?

    • Never mind, this is an article about Standard… I understand now.

      Thank you for the article though, it always helps.

      • It’s not just a “Standard” article per se (some of these cards have modern potential, especially Scapeshift and Sarkhan Fireblood, and I’m considering those in my rankings).

        The confusion stems from it being an MTGO finance article, not a paper finance article. Planeswalkers, casual cards, and Commander cards always have more demand in paper than online.

        Looking at things from the vantage point of paper, these rankings would have to shift in a big way. Omniscience and Liliana would both be a lot higher on the list, as you noted.

        It’s also worth remembering that Core 19 is going to be opened (and redeemed) less than most sets in recent memory on MTGO, so there will be less supply of these mythics in paper. That makes Liliana in particular a very attractive speculation for paper.

  2. It’s not at all clear if this article is strictly about MTGO or paper. The only reference to MTGO is in the beginning, where you reference another article that is about MTGO.

    The prices you’re quoting here don’t appear to reflect paper at all, but the embedded images and price graphs don’t reflect MTGO at all. I’m very confused.

    • I’m not sure why the paper graphs were added. I didn’t include them in the article when I submitted it and they’ve never been included in my power ranking articles. I just removed them and will replace some of them now with MTGO price graphs. This is an MTGO Finance article and I understand why that could be confusing.

    • Ok, I added a few MTGO price graphs for the top cards in the rankings. Hopefully that clarifies things. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. I like the new Liliana, especially after seeing the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica mechanics regarding graveyard manipulation. Liliana dumps cards to the graveyard, so I’m giving her a strong look.

    Regarding the whole paper vs. online thing, perhaps at the beginning of articles, every author in the title or description should mention whether their article is targeted towards Paper or Online, since yea the two price strategies can vary wildly. Plus, it would help filter content: I only care about paper, so yea… lol.

  4. I agree about Liliana being a sleeper hit. The golgari have zombies, such as lotleth troll, so I think zombies can still be a thing, and thus liliana.

    Regarding the confusion over paper and modo, I think Kyle should start referring to prices as tix, such as 2.66 tix or .30 tix. That way, I think there’s no room for doubt about what the article is about.

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