1. It’s important for ABUgames to remember you can’t pay your lease, power, water, etc with store credit. If they jack up all their prices to compensate for their inflated buy prices then they may run into a cash flow problem if nobody buys and everybody trades in.

    • I agree, David. Very well put. The discrepancy between a US Dollar and an ABU Games dollar continues to widen and I don’t see it reversing at this rate. Thus my concern.

  2. Yeah, I heard an interview with the founder of ABU games on a podcast last year. Although he clearly has a ton of experience with old magic cards, its not clear that he really understands market economics. I get that he’s experimenting, but it seems to be an experiment without a clear hypothesis. Instead, its just turning dials and seeing what happens. I’m not sure I would recommend any interaction with ABU during this time, as the future is just too unpredictable. I see what you mean about arbitrage, but what if that store’s prices just come completely unhinged from reality? Seems like “just stay away until sanity prevails” might be the better option. It would also be a good message to that company to stop doing crazy things to the market.

    • Ben,

      I am inclined to avoid any large deals with ABU Games, myself, so in a way I agree. That said I don’t think they’re going out of business any time soon. Since you have the option of ordering a card BEFORE submitting your buylist, essentially “reserving it” until they process your buylist, it’s very low risk dealing with them in this manner. If I decide to ship them some cards for credit, this is how I would approach the process.

      Thanks for the comment!


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