1. I like these picks a lot especially if we can get them below there normal pricepoint. I was looking at thorn lieutenant and elvish clancaller myself. This gives me a bit more confidence in my speccing. Also like the WHite GY hoser especially with golgari coming.

    • Thanks Peter, and yea that’s the best way to use these rankings…see how they stack up against your own prior judgments, whether they confirm your own prior judgment or provide a different opinion that you may want to mull over.

    • Hi David. It looks like its price has stabilized but I don’t think demand is going to be going up due to Standard (25% chance it does, 75% chance it doesn’t). I don’t think I’d invest in them right now, but I think now is a good time to buy however many copies you want for your personal collection and use. Do you see this as a long term spec opportunity?

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