1. There is probably a correlation between long time Magic players getting older, getting better jobs and thus having more to spend which pushes up prices on cards these players are nostalgic for, that doesn’t apply to the economy in general. This influence may very well be stronger than the overall economy’s for such cards.

    I reckon that when those long term players start having their kids move out, leaving them with an even larger chunk of spending money we should see some really high prices. Taking you Sig as an example you may very well be done spending a lot on your kids in 15-20 years (sooner if you’ve saved up enough at a certain point to cover the remaining years), while for some of the older people in the market this will be much closer or even current reality.

    When a significant number of high spenders hit the market, prices will start rising as they buy out cards. I would not be surprised if we hit significant numbers of those in the next 5 years and it would be almost a certainty in 10.

    My confidence in the next decade therefore is very strong.

    • That’s a nice insight. I read the article about the dude with the only Gem Mint Ted Williams Topps Rookie card and how he bought his from nostalgia. The power of nostalgia is not to be underestimated. Every once in a while I’ll look at my old Jet or Juzam or whatever and have that full on flashback memory to 7th grade when I learned to play. The fact that there is an old school community in my area to share that with these days just makes it better. I’d have to have a lot more disposable income to get really bonkers with my collection, but I’m happy with what I have now and its very unlikely I’m letting any of these cards go anytime soon. That’s really what it comes down to: you’d have to pay me a really absurd amount to make me let go at this point. Having let go of a lotus and couple moxes back in the day, I know how bad it feels to know you can’t really get those things back.

      • I had some Power back in the early ’00s but traded them towards Duals. Only this year did I get a Recall that’s better than the one I had then and it still stings a bit that my current Ruby is worse than the one I had. Obviously that’s better than not having any, but it’s taken me many years before I could realistically obtain Power again, so I do understand the feeling.

        Nostalgia is certainly a very strong force. For collectibles like Baseball cards (I assume that’s what it is, I’m not from the US), but also toys, that’s even more of a reason they have value than in Magic where they could also be required as game pieces.

        As for bonkers, many might consider me to be that. I mostly support my collecting habits through buying collections and trading though. I don’t usually have to add cash and will take out what I spend at a later point.

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