1. What frustrates me is I feel like some weird victim to some odd circumstances.

    The last SDCC Promo’s I tried to buy in at Hasbro’s site, the site crashes, and I didn’t get squat. RNA-ME comes along, and knowing it would be on Hasbro’s website, I elect to skip out. Sure enough, I was right; the site died, but this time WotC reimbursed people with free box toppers! Why did they not do this for the SDCC promo’s!?

    Okay, so I’m now batting 0 for 2, so this time, I decide to buy-in but because it’s on Ebay and I figured WotC would make things right. What I didn’t count on though was the poor sales not necessarily due to the poor power level of the Planeswalkers (we all knew that), but rather the high import fees outside the U.S., coupled with the transparency of the EBay HTML supplying buyers with the sales data! This compromises the set’s mystique, hurting sales among speculators.

    So I’m now 0 for 3 on these shenanigans. Frankly, I’m so frustrated, instead of spending $250 on this, I’m just going to stock up on dual lands.

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