1. I bought my Unlimited Power nearly 4 years ago, just months after buying a house. I bought each piece with credit cards on that offered 0% interest and was able to bounce them around different lending methods which would avoid paying interest on them. According to pretty much everyone I knew, that was a bad investment as I had a lot of new home expenses. However, I knew that I got a good deal on them and no matter what I could break even on the purchases.

    Looking back, I am very satisfied with my choice. They are a part of my “collection” rather than my “inventory”, so I do not consider them an investment. Based on my current standing with MTG, I would only offload them under these circumstances:

    1.) Selling my collection

    2.) If I needed a lot quick cash for an emergency.

    3.) If the offer exceeds their worth.

  2. the power nine function as currency imo. if i want to bring in 10k$, i bring in a card worth more than x10 its weight in gold. if you want investments, look for something with productive capacity versus store of excess productivity.

    if you want to trade profitably, take a basket approach on RL stuff or get crazy and gamble in modern/ standard. Reserve list EDH playables seem safer. meh.

    • Not sure if you’re stating here that Power is a bad investment or just not a good one? I think it’s a great store of value with plenty of remaining upside. Perhaps not the same percentage as other RL cards, but more than what Gold has traditionally averaged over the past few years.

  3. By this article you gave us enough facts about why we shouldn’t invest in Power 9. I thought it would be great to invest in it, but now I know that it is a bad idea. Thank you a lot for this post.

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