1. Yep, the five cards are basic lands. If you check the video announcement against the website announcement.

    My friend and I speculated on this last Thursday night for hours until I went back and re-watched/re-read everything.

  2. Thanks for catching this, everyone! Good to make sure the right info is out there. I do not intend to spread rumors. But they could be snow basics… 😉

    • Don’t mean to give you extra work, but it would be a good idea to edit this article to clarify that the likelihood of fetch reprint is low. It’s just too hugely impactful of a rumor to allow to spread. If someone freaks out halfway through your article and buylists their pile of fetches before they get to these comments (as I might have, if I owned any, haha), they will definitely feel bad. Also, considering the excitement and demand this set will create for modern and the recent printing of shock lands, I imagine fetches may accumulate a good deal of value until their next printing.

  3. What about Jace? Hes now 110$ a piece and rising…He needs reprint as does Liliana and by saying this it needs to happen in few sets in a row, like they did with Tarmogogf. Price should drop to 50-60$ a piece

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