QS Insider Cast: Standard Specs, Walking Dead, and More!

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Welcome back to the QS Insider Podcast! Chris O'Berry and Joe Davidson discuss new Standard specs, more Walking Dead Secret Lair stuff, and more! This cast was originally broadcasted live to Insiders in the QS Insider Discord, October 11th, 2020.

Show Notes

  • Happy Birthday Cardi B
  • New Standard - Gemrazer, Gruul Adventures, Upcoming Banning
  • More The Walking Dead - Lucille, Rick in Legacy, The CRC Decision
  • Twitter Outrage and Financial Implications
  • Zendikar Rising in Eternal Formats
  • Some Quick Pokémon Hype Talk

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Joseph Davidson

Joe is a writer and Magic player from Boise, Idaho. He's a Legacy Goblins player who also enjoys playing Modern and Pauper. When he's not looking at his extensive goblin collection, you can find him working in his local literary community or walking with his dog in the hills. You can find him @MTGJoeD on most social networks and streaming at

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