Insider: My Last Look at Commander Legends

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I've already written about Commander Legends twice already, so I expect this article to be my last one covering the set for a good while. Previously, my focus was on the true rarity of specific printings of the cards, and some of the mythics I felt might be a bit underpriced. We are still waiting for additional supplies of Commander Legends cards and the prices for almost everything have plummeted heavily which was expected.

Today, I am going to move away from the mythics and rares and focus on the commons and uncommons of the set. Now thanks to all the collector boosters nowadays foil versions of any specific card in a set tend to not be worth much more than nonfoil versions. It also doesn't help that foil is no longer the "pimpest" version of a card thanks to Extended Art (EA), Borderless, and Showcase variants. The focus on today's picks relies heavily on the fact that the extended art variant is ONLY available in the Collector Booster packs, which unlike the regular packs are a limited run. These packs are broken down like this;

  • 1 foil-etched Commander (rare or mythic)
  • 1 foil-etched reprinted Commander (rare or mythic)
  • 1 extended art non-legendary card (rare or mythic)
  • 1 foil non-legendary card, might have extended art (rare or mythic)
  • 2 foil Commanders (uncommon or rare or mythic)
  • 1 foil-etched Commander (uncommon)
  • 1 extended art non-legendary card (common or uncommon)
  • 2 foil non-legendary cards, might have extended art (common or uncommon)
  • 5 foil cards (common)
  • 1 foil double-sided token

I've bolded two of the bullet points because it shows that the cards we are looking at today can only be pulled in 3 of the 15 "slots" in the pack.

The challenge with common or uncommon specs is that they have a lower price ceiling due to higher supply and any reprint tends to decimate their value. However, I would expect as we have seen with 'original foil' versions of valuable commander cards is that the price of the "pimpest" version tends to not take much of a hit when the card is reprinted, though the obvious exception is when the value is heavily reliant on limited supply as is the case with many Portal Three Kingdoms cards.

It is important to note that not every common or uncommon in the set has an Extended Art variant, there are 32 commons/uncommons in the set with an Extended Art variant. While we don't know the print sheet makeup exactly, I looked back at the data I used for my last Commander Legends article and it appears that the Extended Art commons and uncommons were pulled at roughly the same rate. So with all that being said, let's look at some good buying opportunities for Extended Art commons and uncommons from CLG.

One of the most powerful 2 drop mana rocks in Commander, Arcane Signet, is a staple in almost every multi-colored commander deck and can easily replace any of the old diamonds in a mono-colored deck. When this card was first released in the Throne of Eldraine brawl decks it was easily going for the entire MSRP of the deck ($20). It has been included in every Commander based product printed since it's release and still managed to sit in the $2-$3 range.

Looking at the pull data supplied by Mr. Vanek, in 50 collector booster boxes, he pulled 16 non-foil extended arts and 8 foil extended arts. However, the price difference between the two is currently $3.6 versus $25. To me, this implies that either the foil version is overpriced or the non-foil is underpriced and obviously bringing this up I tend to believe the latter.

Sol Ring is arguably the most powerful card in Commander. Despite being reprinted almost every year since 2013 in every commander deck, it still managed to be worth $2-$3 because it's pretty much the first card people put in every single deck. The Extended Art variant is currently sitting around $5 while the foil option is around $30.

Looking at Thomas' pull rates he got 18 non-foil and 7 foil extended arts in the 50 collector boxes opened. So we have a pull rate of around 1:3 but a foil multiplier of 6, which means something is again off and I tend to believe the non-foil is underpriced.

We finally got a much-needed reprint of a Portal Three Kingdoms commander staple letting people get copies for 1/50th of the previous going rate. Green is the most powerful color in commander and a major reason behind that is its ability to ramp. Three Visits is simply a renamed Nature's Lore, but the ability to get any forest, including triomes, shocks, and dual lands means it easily fits in any deck that plays green.

Looking at Thomas' pull data there were 16 non-foils pulled and 8 foils pulled and yet the prices are $4 vs $13, which is closer than the previously mentioned cards, but given this is the first reprinting of the card I expect the supply of these to quickly be absorbed by the player base.

The last card I want to showcase today is Thought Vessel, our Reliquary Tower mana rock. While not as prevalent as the two previously mentioned mana rocks it still tends to be a card high on the "auto-include" list for many decks. Interestingly enough this is also the only card on the list where the Extended Art market price is within 20% of the normal version. I expect this to shift as more Commander Legends booster boxes hit the supply and thus the normal versions continue to be opened, whereas, the Extended Art supply will be pretty static as once all the Collector Booster boxes are gone no more copies become available.


It is important to note that I've purchased a couple copies of several of these cards for my own personal use and that action inspired this article. I was honestly surprised at how cheap these Extended Art variants were and I truly don't think they can remain this low for that long. As always if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future articles please comment below or reach out to me on our discord channel.

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