ChannelFireball Announces Magic: the Gathering Las Vegas Nov 19-21

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Today announced the Magic: The Gathering Las Vegas tournament weekend including two $25,000 main events. Taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center November 19-21st, the weekend includes Modern and Sealed main events, each with $25k prize pools paid out to the top 32 players in each event, and numerous side events throughout the weekend.

MTG Las Vegas Main Even Prizing

Main Event Details

The main events will each be Modified Swiss-style, with eight rounds on Day One, six rounds on Day Two for those who qualify, followed by a cut to the top eight players for single-elimination playoffs to determine the winner. Additional details on the main events can be found at the MTG Las Vegas Main Event Fact Sheet.

Side Events

ChannelFireball has promised a number of side events in a variety of formats including Commander, Modern, Legacy, and more. Details on side events can be found on the event schedule.

Safety Precautions

CFB Vaccination Announcement Tweet

ChannelFireball is taking plenty of safety measures for their first major Magic event since the pandemic. In addition to announcing that proof of vaccinations or negative Covid tests and masks were required, they are taking a number of additional precautions to ensure the safety of their staff and the community. Additional safety information for the event is available at:

The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Las Vegas is ChannelFireball's first large Magic event since the pandemic. It follows on the heels of their Flesh and Blood event, The Calling, which also took place in Las Vegas earlier this month, and was largely successful, with over 750 players in the main event alone.

For complete details and registration for Magic: The Gathering Las Vegas, check out the full event website at:

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