Mike Hawthorne

Mike, Forrest and Ryan get together to rant about Modern, GP Chicago and the foul condition of Mike’s recently “cleaned” room. This week’s episode features Mike contemplating donating his body to science, Forrest finding an Oreo and Ryan complaining about T-shirts. All of this plus discussion of A+ card Unsummon for well under five dollars!

Mike, Forrest and Ryan get together to answer pressing questions. Which cards can safely be unbanned in Modern? How many boomerangs are in a didgeridoo? Do wizards take credit cards? What time does the gas station close? Is Lady Gaga hot? What week is it? Discover the answers to all of these pressing questions and hear about A+ card Slaughter Games on this week’s episode!

Mike, Forrest and Ryan are joined by legal expert Dana Kinsella to discuss this week in Magic. Topics covered include WotC’s decision to publish fewer Magic Online decklists, thoughts on Grand Prix prizes by attendance, A+ card Pillar of Flame as well as a tirade of tantalizing tangents that regular listeners have come to expect- maybe even like. If you like Lego capes, you’ll love this episode!

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