Good Luck, High Five! Episode 9: Give Up Yet?

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Mike, Forrest and Ryan are joined by legal expert Dana Kinsella to discuss this week in Magic. Topics covered include WotC's decision to publish fewer Magic Online decklists, thoughts on Grand Prix prizes by attendance, A+ card Pillar of Flame as well as a tirade of tantalizing tangents that regular listeners have come to expect- maybe even like. If you like Lego capes, you'll love this episode!

(The views expressed in "Good Luck, High Five!" are those of the personalities featured and do not necessarily represent the views of and should not be attributed to our host.)

Parental Advisory: May Contain Mild Obscene Language

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2 thoughts on “Good Luck, High Five! Episode 9: Give Up Yet?

  1. it’s not automatic like mtgo, but for a website/system which has all of the cards, some baseline functionality (you can tap, create tokens, search zones and draw targeting arrows), and a community large enough to test, try out cockatrice. It’s free and it’s a pretty good overall program.

    1. I was already well aware of Cockatrice. Basically a program with all the cards that actually has the rules of Magic programmed in is what I would want.

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