Ryan Bushard

Over the course of this series I have gone over a variety of ways to both understand and utilize a group of traders to maximize your profits. At this point, assuming you have established a solid group of traders and have made some long lasting connections on the floor, it is time to put all […]

As with any well-designed machine, the gears are what work together to ensure the whole thing keeps going around smoothly. Without anyone else helping to achieve your goal, you will find the grind is slow and tedious. I previously touched on some of the benefits that come along with trade groups, and this week I […]

After months of writing articles and divulging information to you, the readers, it occurred to me that I had missed one of the most important elements in the trade world. The trading community is a very tight knit group: similar to the high level pros, we work together to ensure that we stay on top […]

This week we will go off the beaten path of the usual trade analysis articles I write.  Instead I want to talk about the new set. Now before you groan and close this article bear with me I promise it will be worth it.  Yes, we all know Karn Liberated and Sword of of War […]

This week I will be traveling back to where these articles started, the individual trader.  Now that we have covered how to acquire a good collection and where to move it we can get back to how to maximize your value.  The FNM or PTQ player is one of the most common individuals at a […]

Last week I covered the different ways to turn your cards into cash at a premium, everything from E-bay to major events. This week we will be looking at the flip side of that coin, how to get the largest stock for your dollar without breaking the bank. Similar to selling there are a multitude […]

So we have covered the ins and outs of quite a few trade styles and ways to trade over the past couple of weeks and that’s a great start but by now you may be wondering “How do I make all these cards turn into real profit?”  Well that is exactly what I will be […]

This article comes per request from Twitter a few weeks back, and as always I am happy to indulge any reasonable request; these articles are, after all, for you: the reader. Most people reading this article already know how to trade, and whether you consider yourself new to the game or a seasoned veteran matters […]

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