Battle For Zendikar

Last weekend was the not-so-eagerly awaited Modern debut of Battle for Zendikar. Man-oh-man did it meet its lack of expectations. Although the SCG Standard Open in Indianapolis saw some exciting performances by Bring to Light and five-color manabases, Modern was much less hospitable for our newest set. Only two of the Top 16 decks played any cards from […]

Since Modern’s inception, converge decks have periodically been attempted, modified, dropped, and eventually forgotten. While the mechanic has just recently been named, we all know converge is basically a rehash of domain/sunburst, and Modern is no stranger to strategies looking to take advantage of excellent fixing to support powerful spells in multiple colors. With Battle […]

Last week, I expressed disbelief at Battle for Zendikar’s lackluster first half. Naturally, the day that article went public, Wizards spoiled the set’s other half. Its better half. Its playable half! Ha, ha. I’m just kidding. Never mind “ingesting:” BFZ sucks. [wp_ad_camp_1] Flavor I’m not sure I can do a better job on this bit than Paulo Vitor Damo da […]

So let’s get the cold hard truth out of the way early; Battle for Zendikar stinks. Not in a “reminiscent of Innistrad scenario, where every card looks poor on paper but incredible synergies prove us all wrong” kind of way. Almost half of the cards in this set are giant, hulking Eldrazi Limited bombs. Most of […]

My expectations weren’t high when I went to open the full Battle for Zendikar image gallery. Like Jordan, I wasn’t thrilled to see the first half of BFZ over the past few weeks, and was worried about what the rest of the set would hold. After seeing all 274 cards, I’m officially joining Jordan in […]

Now that the entire Battle for Zendikar set is revealed, I’m going to spend some time analyzing a deck that has much to benefit from BFZ’s spoils: the Allies archetype. Recently discussed by Sheridan, Allies is a deck that has already had some success in the PPTQ scene. A Naya Allies build also had recent success […]

As a competitive player and avid brewer, I always look forward to spoiler season. I check the spoiler page at midnight and then again at 5 AM even though there’s almost certainly nothing new. Some moments of elation justify this diligence; I remember my head exploding when Hooting Mandrills was spoiled. So it hurts to say that Battle for Zendikar’s […]

It’s spoiler season once again and the Battle for Zendikar previews are trickling in. While there are many interesting cards for Limited and Standard that are coming out of the woodwork, what about for Modern? Thanks to the Eldrazi theme, Battle for Zendikar has a lot of high cost spells and creatures. As I’ll talk about later, […]

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