eldrazi and taxes

There are a few cards in Modern that everyone absolutely loves unconditionally. Particularly the ones that don’t allow them to cast their spells. You know, we have Blood Moon, Stone Rain, and Choke as some common fan favorites! Spreading Seas for the less devout, and Sea’s Claim for the more dedicated. Ghost Quarter and Field […]

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve written the full metagame update, but you folks haven’t gotten rid of me that easily. Know that our plans here at Nexus have always been to resume these and make them regular, but in a way that was sustainable moving forward. Rather than make speculative promises I […]

Greetings, Nexites. We have some exciting things in the works this week, but today I merely get to bring you another Deck of the Week. Much as I wanted to highlight something novel from Grand Prix San Antonio, it seems an avalanche of Death’s Shadow and Affinity decks were the going fare throughout much of […]

I’ll be honest, this is not the article I was planning on for this week. I had planned to start rolling out my Jace, the Mind Sculptor results but I’ve run into a problem. Last time, a lot of you asked for more in-depth statistical analysis of the results and I decided to oblige. The […]

Today finally brings an update to the metagame breakdown, with data from December. I know many of our readers have been very disappointed to see these fall by the wayside—I want to explain briefly why I’ve been lagging on them, and reassure you that they will be back in full force for 2017. I recently began […]

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