Massacre Wurm

Well, the full spoiler is here, and while there may not be a ton of financial gems in the last wave of cards, there are some relevant cards, and a few uncommons that may be worth an uncommonly high amount of money. Let’s dive in. Timely Hordemate This is absolutely cube-playable. It’s a great effect […]

I went to my first PTQ of the season this past weekend, and while I didn’t have the results I was looking for (3-0, followed by 0-2) I scoured buylists at the dealers to start prepping for the remainder of the season. What I found was a slight shift of what I’m used to from […]

It’s quite interesting how a new set affects the landscape of Standard. Not only are their hundreds of new cards added to the pool of playable options, but suddenly cards already legal become better or worse based on the existence of these new cards. Some of the new cards are so powerful they demand to […]

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