Insider: Financial Opportunities of the Scars Block Rotation, Part 2

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If you haven't read yesterdays article check it out here. Today I'll be finishing off the remaining colors, Black, Red, Green as well as Lands. As promised I will reveal my 2nd favorite pick that could easily give you 10 times your initial investment and it will not be hard to get rid of either!


Bloodlord of Vaasgoth

Current SCG Price - $1.50, Foil $3
Reason – Vampire pseudo Lord

Cemetery Reaper

Current SCG Price - $1.5, Foil $3
Reason – Zombie Lord

Both of these cards are basically Lords for their tribes. They are low enough that they both can easily double. You can probably get Bloodlords for under a buck and Cemetery Reapers for just around a buck. Keep in mind Cemetery Reaper has been printed 3 times.


Current SCG Price - $0.75, Foil $3 both sold out.
Reason – Commander staple

Exsanguinate is my 2nd favorite pick for the rotation. The main reason is not its future price, it is because it is such a low buy in. As long as Exsanguinate is not reprinted it will definitely be worth a couple bucks down the road. SCG is sold out at $0.75 but if you look hard enough you might be able to find these at 10 cents depending on how your store handles uncommons or how good your online search powers are. Obviously foils are even better to pick up and should rise in price even faster.

Grave Titan

Current SCG Price - $5, Foil $8, DOTP Foil $8
Reason – One of the 5 Titans

Grave Titan is great in Cubes and Commander. Try and hunt down the DOTP foils.

Hand of the Praetors

Current SCG Price - $1, Foil $2
Reason – Poison/Infect/Lord

This was a $5 rare around release and should eventually get back to that price. Hand of the Praetor is the only Infect Lord now and most likely forever.

Massacre Wurm

Current SCG Price - $3, Foil $6
Reason – Commander/Cube

A great card for Commander and Cube as long as the respective decks can handle the casting cost. Not many cards can win you the game from so far behind as Massacre Wurm can.

Rune-Scarred Demon

Current SCG Price - $1.50, Foil $3
Reason – Tutor and a finisher in one card

Rune-Scarred Demon is a versatile Commander staple. Being a Demon also helps his case in the pure Casual market. The foil is slightly lower than expected because it was an Intro Pack foil rare. Use this to your advantage when trading for this guy.

Sheoldred, Whispering One

Current SCG Price - $4, Foil $8, Prerelease Foil $3
Reason – Commander written all over it

Sheoldred is arguably the Praetor with the most Casual appeal. She is also a promo foil so you should be able to find various copies out there ripe for the taking.

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon

Current SCG Price - $3.50, Foil $13
Reason – The poster boy of Infect

Years from now all of the other infect creatures will fade into the background, but Skithiryx will be known by all players as the Infect dragon. He is a great intro Commander because his game plan is so simple. Being a Dragon helps increase his casual appeal even more. Skithiryx has so many things going for him that he is practically a no brainer.


Inferno Titan

Current SCG Price - $2.50, Foil $5, DOTP Foil $5
Reason – One of the 5 Titans

Inferno Titan is my personal favorite out of the 5 Titans. It is so aggressive compared to the other 4 and can win games in a single attack. As with the other 2 DOTP promos, hunt the mace swinging alternate art DOTP promo version down. You won’t be sorry.

Spikeshot Elder

Current SCG Price - $2, Foil $3
Reason – Interacts favorably with Equipment

Spikeshot Elder is a great Commander card mainly because Equipment exists. He should drop very low at rotation but will slowly climb from then on until he is reprinted or gets outclassed.


Birthing Pod

Current SCG Price - $3.50, Foil $10
Reason – Multi-format playable

Birthing Pod is one of those cards that can easily become competitive in almost any format, casual or constructed alike. Its role in the Modern metagame should be enough to push it over its current worth but adding in Commander playability can easily push this into the 100%+ profit range.

Genesis Wave

Current SCG Price - $2.50, foil $5
Reason – Commander Staple

Genesis Wave made a small splash in Standard but its worth primarily comes from the Commander and sometimes the Cube market. It always makes a big splash in games and is very unpredictable. Genesis Wave could easily be an $8+ card one day barring any reprints. Look at it like Tooth and Nail. Even prior to its Modern spike it was still a money card on the back of Commander alone. I see no reason Genesis Wave can’t follow in its footsteps. If it were a buck cheaper retail this would definitely be one of my top 3 picks.

Green Sun's Zenith

Current SCG Price - $8, Foil $20
Reason – Multi-format all-star

Green Sun is more of a hold call. They are already pretty high but they do have room to grow. I would say the ceiling is $15 but that is a long way off. If it gets unbanned in Modern it could sky rocket. Hold on to any you have or if you need to trade, only let them go for Legacy stuff. Don’t risk resources like this on new and unproven Standard cards. The risk is just not worth it.

Praetor's Counsel

Current SCG Price - $1.50, Foil $7
Reason – Commander

This is a Commander only card so it can’t go up too much but it is definitely worth more than its current price.

Primeval Titan

Current SCG Price - $10, Foil $25
Reason – Banned in Commander

There is a small opportunity here if Primeval drops below $5. At $5 I would trade for him heavily, at less than $3 I would start buying him with cash. This is all in spec of him getting unbanned one day in Commander, seeing play in Modern or the Casual market holding his price up.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Current SCG Price - $3.50, Foil $8
Reason – What’s better than Doubling Mana? Vorinclex is!

Vorinclex is the king of Mana Flare effects. Being a Commander option adds to his value. He should have no trouble going up in value, especially in foil.


Karn Liberated

Current SCG Price - $15, Foil $25
Reason – Unique and highly playable Plansewalker.

Karn is the new Nicol Bolas. At his height Nicol Bolas was over $20 retail and he was not even played in Constructed. Karn is playable in Modern and holds a similar allure story wise that Nicol Bolas does. He also has one of the most epic ultimates of all the Planeswalkers. Pick up any copies you can through trades if you are ok sitting on him for a while at his current price point.

Blackcleave Cliffs
Current SCG Price - $3.60 (sale), Foil $7
Copperline Gorge
Current SCG Price - $2.25 (sale), Foil $6
Darkslick Shores
Current SCG Price - $2.70 (sale), Foil $6
Razorverge Thicket
Current SCG Price - $1.70(sale), Foil $6
Seachrome Coast
Current SCG Price - $3.15 (sale), Foil $6

Reason – Modern Playable, Cube playable

The Fast Lands are pretty high on the dual land hierarchy. They play a vital role in Modern, especially in Jund which shows in the price difference between Blackcleave Cliffs and the others. They can also be found in some Cubes. The Fast Lands could potentially drop to near bulk rates for a short while. This is a great opportunity for the patient investor to grab them while they are cheap and sell during Modern peaks.

Inkmoth Nexus

Current SCG Price - $5, Foil $10
Reason – Infect Artifact Man Land. Nuff said.

Inkmoth Nexus definitely can contend with Skithiryx for the Infect poster boy title. Inkmoth is so low right now that you could easily double your investment or more on them. Use their inclusion in the event deck to further diminish their value.

Use your overpriced Return to Ravnica cards as trade bait for any of the above cards and you should be set up for tons of value throughout the next year and more. The beauty of the 3 Cs is usually the longer you wait the more value you get out of them. If you make some money off of any of these feel free to tweet me at @RyeABC. I am closely approaching 100 followers. I will be giving away something at that point but I still have to figure out what. I had a contest going at one point but that was so long ago that I have traded away some of the prizes since then. Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Insider: Financial Opportunities of the Scars Block Rotation, Part 2

  1. Do prices drop already weeks before rotation or is it better to wait after? I have never done real post rotation buying, but might plan a few now after reading this article πŸ˜‰

  2. @tragic Thanks for coming back to read. KHAAAAAAAN!

    @WeQu Anything under $2 is pretty much at its retail price floor. Higher cards may still drop but the trick for any rotating card is to ask for a rotating discount from your trade partner. I should have explained this in the article but I guess here is as good as anywhere. Most of the time they will over estimate the rotation dip and you will get an even deeper discount. The major price change usually happens after release when all the prerelease prices of the new block adjust. Most people are happy to get rid of their rotating “junk” for almost anything.

    1. I’ll second this. If you have RTR stuff, and want to trade a Trostani for 2x Batterskull, people will offer to throw something in, as to not rip you off.

      True story.

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