I’m back this week with more of my popular financial set review, now tackling the Modern Masters 2017 rares. I won’t cover each rare in the set, but I will review the most important ones in depth. I also want to talk about a few choice uncommons, so grab your calendars and wallets. You’ll need them to plan out the […]

Hey guys, I’m here this week to give you my set review of the critically acclaimed Modern Masters 2017! It might seem a little weird reviewing a set so far after release, but I have found many people asking the same questions over and over about the cards contained within. I wanted to take the time […]

In my past articles, when talking about buying a given card, the concept of “risk” has frequently come up. I’ve seen some confusion in the comments about my use of this term, which has lead to misinterpretation of the information I’m trying to convey. Some people were under the impression that I was predicting, or […]

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