Plague Stinger

Gotta love the bad guys, this week Kellen goes into the ichor oiled waters and tries an assortment of standard deck lists involving infect. Who says your opponent’s at 20?

Warning: this article’s spreadsheet nerd status goes to 11. If you want to skip the how-to and go directly to the data I’ve compiled, click this link. For formats that are well-explored, it is often a good idea to select decks based on what’s been winning. However, Magic is a game with inherent variance, and […]

I’m going to be honest, this article was hard for me to write. Why? Because this weekend’s limited PTQ was the worst Magic tournament I have ever played in over ten years of playing tournaments. Was I unlucky? No. Was my pool bad? No. I played absolutely terrible Magic. There wasn’t even a game where […]

Hello! My name is Alex Ruggeri, and my very first pack of Magic was from Fallen Empires. I remember afterward borrowing some cards from my brother and piecing together a bad Thrull deck. It wasn’t bad because it was a Thrull deck, although that does count too; it was bad because it was poorly constructed. […]

[Note: This will be among the longest articles published on Quiet Speculation. Rather than split this up into two smaller pieces, it’s published here in its entirety. Block out as much time as you need to read it start to finish: This article is a must-read if you intend to improve your drafting. -Dylan] Mistakes […]

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