3 thoughts on “New Cards = New Decks

  1. I've been playing with that infected steel variant and it's pretty explosive. I've added black for hand of the praetors (instead of core prowler) and go for the throat. 2 mox opals 4 swamps and marsh flats. Sans mimic vat and contagion clasp. I tried oust for a while and ended up liking GFTT and Journey better even though that's more spells in the 2 mana slot.

    Great article, testing out new decks is what the game should be about.

  2. Something I've been trying for the tempered steel infect deck (I call it infected affinity!). I've been running with a gbw build. I added black for some hands and green for lead the stampede. I've also been playing a stoneforge mystic package with both swords, bonehoard and mortarpod. Honestly, you only need the three @ drop infect guys and inkmoth nexus. 1 or 2 creatures with a few pumpers just straight up wins the game. Also Steel Overseer + Inkmoth nexus is insane. Having the three colors also allows you to play more sideboard cards to help with poor matchups. And since most of the deck is colorless, the three colors are easy enough to get. My take on the deck, for what its worth.

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