Shadows Over Innistrad

We are in countdown mode. T-minus one week, and Shadows Over Innistrad releases upon us, bringing with it an Eldrazi banning and good tidings for all boys and girls. The combination of Eldrazi’s removal (good riddance) and the influx of (possible) new cards will undoubtedly shake up Modern for better or for worse, and my […]

Ideas are incredibly insidious things. You have them all the time and mostly they just flit through the mind before disappearing forever, as ephemeral as Martin O’Malley’s presidential run. Sometimes though, they get stuck and won’t allow you to forget them. It’s like a bad itch that you can never scratch sufficiently, not even with […]

Spoiler season is brewing season, and this one has me deliriously joyful. Last week, some enticing cards from Shadows over Innistrad inspired me to revisit and introduce an old brew of mine: Wx Tallowisp. I also alluded to another of my longstanding projects, a UGx Rogue tribal deck. Exactly zero commenters inquired about that pile, but I’ve […]

Last week I laid the groundwork for our Shadows Over Innistrad analysis, looking back on previous set releases throughout Modern’s history to get a better grasp of where our expectations should be going into the set. For those that missed it, you can catch up here. In that article, I briefly discussed [tippy title=”Arlinn Lord” […]

How are we more than halfway through preview season, and months into leak season, and we still have no idea who (or what) is causing all the madness on Innistrad? Hats off to Wizards for running a tight, riveting, and relatively spoiler-free march towards the official Shadows Over Innistrad set reveal this coming Friday. I […]

Good news, everyone! Shadows Over Innistrad spoiler season is in full swing. This means that you can get excited, and start speculating on cards! And, invariably, get it wrong! Except of course for That Guy. You know, That Guy. The one who always gets it right and makes out like a bandit. Why do we […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: spoiler season! Shadows Over Innistrad is packed with intriguing card designs and eerie flair. Best of all, Wizards is pushing big-hit, casual tribal archetypes like Spirits and Vampires. We’ve heard rumors about Emrakul being on Innistrad, but I can’t be the only one relieved to not see colorless mana symbols […]

With Shadows Over Innistrad on the horizon, we’ve come back to that time of year: when half of us are jaded and the other (more sadistic) half are busy reveling in other players’ misery. Through the suffocating darkness, a bright light shines from the heavens, promising the change we need. No, this isn’t Obama in […]

The shadow of the Eldrazi is beginning to lift from Modern, thanks somewhat ironically to the incoming Shadows Over Innistrad. Previews have begun and while we only have about a third of the set to ogle that hasn’t stopped the speculation. I haven’t seen very much to really tickle my Modern senses yet, though I’m […]

Welcome to no-Eldrazi Monday, where I scour the Modern environment for anything to discuss that isn’t colorless and didn’t skip leg day. Just kidding: even Legacy saw its reality smashed by Eldrazi taking the top Day 2 metagame slot at the StarCityGames Philadelphia Open. I’m having Treasure Cruise flashbacks and April can’t come soon enough. […]

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