There’s an odd lull in Magic right before the set release. There’s no point discussing spoilers anymore; the set’s known and being tested. However, those testing results are questionable. There hasn’t been enough time to process the new cards and produce results, nor has the metagame adjusted to reflect these new cards. This means content tends […]

Is Modern solved? Is Modern stale? Any amount of time spent on a Magic forum or subreddit these days seems to offer countless arguments from both sides of the debate. Indeed, this Phoenix/Dredge/Stirrings (in that order) metagame has proven the most divisive I can remember since Siege Rhino briefly served as hyper-acting format manager in […]

Now that Dominaria’s Prerelease is over, the brewing season has begun. Players are plugging in likely candidates, looking for the missing pieces in their decks. While there are plenty of interesting new cards in Dominaria, I’m still stuck on a reprint. I’ve been working on verifying my belief that Skirk Prospector is the real Modern standout. The […]

Last weekend, I took down the 400-player SCG Classic in Worcester with my tried-and-true Colorless Eldrazi Stompy deck, losing only four games over 12 rounds. I’ve long championed the deck as a sleeper behemoth in the format, but haven’t had much time over the last year to show it off in tournament settings. My previous […]

Immediately following its mainstream introduction to Modern by Josh Utter-Leyton and his crew at GP Vancouver, Death’s Shadow gained significant footing in the metagame. The explosion of Jund Shadow onto the paper scene at roughly 10% has since cooled, with the deck taking a more reasonable 8% share when lumped in with Abzan Shadow builds. Part of the reason for […]

Stompy, like Elves, is one of those archetypes that lends itself extremely well to variation. Sure, it’s (mostly) just a dumb aggro deck, but with it you can go 1-2cmc only, go all in on counters, go all in on speed, and try many other things. Today I’ll be exploring a few of the routes […]

With Avatar of the Resolute now available on Magic Online, I took a renewed Stompy list to the daily queue this week to test the deck’s mettle. Below is what I ran. The sideboard is pretty much what I mentioned last time, except I’ve included extra Aspect of Hydra. As I mention in the video […]

Mean Green Machine Stompy is an archetype that’s been around almost as long as green creatures and pump spells have been around. The goal is simple: drop efficient creatures, make them bigger, and do lots of damage quickly. Sometimes there is a sub-control theme (yep, green can do that) to complement the aggro package. [wp_ad_camp_1] […]

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