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Today’s article subject spawned from a discussion that began in the QS Discord chat. One of our members was contemplating stepping away from the game for a while and wanted to know the best place to park his money and/or what to trade into. As expected, a lot of people immediately jumped to Power. The general […]

The holidays are in full swing and the new year is right around the corner. And as some of you may know, the stock market has been a bit shaky in the last month or so. But it seems Magic is still doing pretty well during this slightly volatile time. I think a good portion […]

Near record breaking attendance for a Grand Prix. Destined encounters with late night sealed. Lots of sweet Standard decks. And great experiences with old and new friends. Grand Prix Pittsburgh had it all. This summer has been amazing for magic. Not only did I get a Star City 5k in my hometown but we also […]

M12 is legal to play starting on Friday July 15. That means some players will have M12 cards in their decks on Friday and Saturday. Will you be prepared for them? Don’t get caught up in all the set analysis hype or even the articles that say, hey these decks have been doing well. None […]

My name is Joshua Justice. I’m technically a “Magic Pro” because I won a PTQ last year and made Day Two at Pro Tour: Amsterdam. In reality, I’m just a weekend grinder who’s been back in the game for a little over a year, and I’ve had a couple of successful tournaments. This story begins two weeks before Grand Prix: Atlanta, in a comic shop called The DeeP in Huntsville, Alabama. My plan that day was to play in a Grand Prix Trial, then move to Atlanta to start my new job.

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