Mono-Red…Reanimator EDH? What!?

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Last article I opened up the floor to my readers and playgroups for ideas for my next article. The legend that had the most requests, at a whopping two, was Feldon of the Third Path. I was intrigued with the card since I saw it in the 2014 Commander set so I was excited to write about it.

What are we going to do with this though? Why, Mono-Red Reanimator of course, because that’s what mono-red is known for... /endsarcasm. Screw it, I like a challenge. So, what does Reanimator like to abuse? Enters and leaves the battlefield effects, big overly costed fatties and tricks--oh the tricks.

So not only did I decide to take this challenge, I decided to sit down and build the deck in one sitting. Half of this was to challenge myself, the other half was I’ve been busy. So be kind to this list, as not only am I not a red player, but I’m also, not a red player!!

Feldon of the Third Path EDH by (Julian Biondillo)





35 Snow-Covered Mountain  Darksteel Citadel  Great Furnace  Scrying Sheets  Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Here's where I tell you the general point of reanimator-styled decks. Just in case you're unaware of how to load up your graveyard with fatties and pull them back into play. Ah, but this isn't quite like a usual reanimator deck as our sad, longing, general Feldon of the Third Path doesn't bring back the creature but makes a robot of the dead! How...metal!! All puns intended!

This is unique so we can abuse more come-into-play effects and with his sacrifice clause we also get a free dies/leaves the battle field trigger off our guys. This works well with Pandemonium, Warstorm Surge, and Stalking Vengeance.

We like cake and we like to eat it as well, so we added some sacrifice outlets for even more value! Goblin Bombardment, Goblin Welder, Bosh, Iron Golem, and Trading Post are the eating of that cake we get to have!

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker can also copy those sad effigies of Feldon of the Third Path's lost loves and get mo triggers, mo value, mo fun!! My biggest concern with this list is we don't have good ways to load up our yard. Luckily our broken kitties, Masticore and Razormane Masticore, have an insatiable appetite for cards in your hand. Chandra Ablaze, Jaya Ballard, Task Mage, Daretti, Scrap Savant and Mad Prophet, to name a few, will also help pile up the bodies and keep our "lifetime movie of the week" sad general hard at work creating all the robots our hearts desire.

I'm hoping next week to take a bit of a turn away from my usual topic of writing and actually do a somewhat serious piece about a fellow gamer and the trials and tribulations she faces as a female competitive player. So until next time thanks again for reading. Sing me praise, hate, or a good recipe for a spicy homemade chili in the comments below or at my email or twitter.

Until next time!!

Thanks for checking out my article!

x Julian Biondillo x
Julian, AKA hardcoreniceguy on Twitter

4 thoughts on “Mono-Red…Reanimator EDH? What!?

  1. Why no Rings of Brighthearth? No reason not to play a few Fetches and get yourself extra land through it too. Maybe there are a few useful creatures with (land)cycling to consider?

    Graveyard hate can be awkward. Personally I would consider cards like Wheel of Fortune to make sure I can refill the yard quickly, though that’s obviously dependent on the kind of hate.

  2. So honestly I had forgotten about Rings of Brighthearth. I will include that in a revision I make of the deck. As far as graveyard hate if it happens you still have strong creatures and some mana accelerant to power them out. Land cycling creatures in mono red aren’t very plentiful so I didn’t explore that much. Wheel of fortune and reforge the soul could be strong additions as well so I’ll look into those as well. Thanks for the suggestions.

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