1. “The Dominaria ones (Harbor{GU} and Chapel{WB}) will be in Standard for a little while longer”
    Dominaria will rotate at the same as Ixalan.

  2. I don’t know if I agree about any of the vampire tribal stuff since orzhovs is know mainly to be humans and spirits in all of the past ravinica sets so I would speculate more on other good spirit cards like the one from m19 that pumps other spirits because esper spirits might be a thing

  3. The flavor text translates roughly to “Places, Everyone!”

    I would wager that the name translates to “Light the Stage”.

    And, i could see “Spectacle” being a keyword similar to Miracle. If this card is revealed from your library, you may cast it for its Spectacle cost.

  4. I’m going to speculate that Spectacle is like Madness, except instead of playing it for its cost when discarded, you can play for its cost when revealed from a hand or library. Seems to fit the flavor…

  5. Growth Spiral

    Decks to Watch
    -Amulet Titan

    Cards to Watch
    -Primeval Titan
    -Nexus of Fate

  6. Growth spiral a decent play with isochron scepter? Is it possibly viable as 2 of with lands?

    Does the threat of a turn 1 Lavinia make Mox Amber almost viable now? Or is it simply one more card to speculate with and then move along from?

    • Not sure about Growth Spiral plus Isochron Scepter. At first thought, it seems a bit ‘too cute’. But I could be wrong.

      What are your thoughts on how you’re casting Lavinia on turn one? I’m interested. Whenever I hear Mox Amber, I’m just waiting for the day Wizards prints a 1 CMC legendary mana dork.

      • Ideally it’s a combo of getting her and/or teeg/thalia out on turn 1 with other accelerators. But I hate the idea of relying on that.

        And yeah – there will be one someday and it’ll be epic.

          • Depending on format – chrome mox, mox amber, lotus petal, other moxes, elvish spirit guide, simian spirit guide, lands, and so on. Figure theres enough options to help with the focus. Maybe throw things like thran quarry etc in there too. Kytheon is a nice turn 1 play too.

            Maybe leyline of singularity… I feel like it just has to work at some point lol.

            • I think Mox Amber still has a long ways to go. But it will probably be playable eventually. It’ll probably skyrocket in price after that happens. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  7. First deck I’m building is 4x Experimental Frenzy and a ton of Persistent Petitioners. Best part is their 2nd ability doesn’t have a tap symbol, so they can immediately start contributing asap upon hitting the board if you amass enough of them.

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