19 thoughts on “Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers, Facts, Specs & More

  1. I don’t know if I agree about any of the vampire tribal stuff since orzhovs is know mainly to be humans and spirits in all of the past ravinica sets so I would speculate more on other good spirit cards like the one from m19 that pumps other spirits because esper spirits might be a thing

    1. We’ll see.

      However, if you do a search for Spirits and Vampires, Spirits looks kinda dry. We’ll see if RNA offers enough support for Spirits.

      Based on what I see, I would still lean towards something like Vampires over Spirits.



  2. The flavor text translates roughly to “Places, Everyone!”

    I would wager that the name translates to “Light the Stage”.

    And, i could see “Spectacle” being a keyword similar to Miracle. If this card is revealed from your library, you may cast it for its Spectacle cost.