Immortal Servitude

Today’s article subject spawned from a discussion that began in the QS Discord chat. One of our members was contemplating stepping away from the game for a while and wanted to know the best place to park his money and/or what to trade into. As expected, a lot of people immediately jumped to Power. The general […]

Hello, everybody and welcome to a new week of the Daily Stock Watch! Standard cards are starting to move in the wake of new brews with cards from Guild of Ravnica, and we’re all but ready to see which deck will be the new Black Red Midrange (arguably the best deck from last season) of […]

Come see all our Fate Reforged spoiler coverage Rally the Ancestors The absolute price ceiling on this card has to be lower than the price ceiling on Immortal Servitude, right? This card is worse than that. Immortal Servitude enjoyed a brief foray into the spotlight, and casting this at X=2 is cheaper than it was […]

Be sure to check out in-depth coverage on the spoiler page, but I wanted to highlight a few cards here that may have a financial impact. Sage’s Reverie Foils of this seem like a relatively safe bet. I bet they start out at like $0.25 and I bet it takes a while for Bruna, Light […]

Spirit Bonds This seems pretty nutty in limited. I don’t know that it gets you as much card advantage as, say, Mentor of the Meek, but with no restriction on the creature’s size, this is a solid addition to your deck. It will require you to play stuff behind curve, but a 1/1 flier in […]

This card has real potential. At 3 mana, it is extremely affordable for a 5/4. His ability is one of the easiest to build around and it begs you to do so. While other gods just give you value based on doing what you’d do already like draw a card or attack with creatures, this […]

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