Fate Reforged Spoiler Complete!

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Be sure to check out in-depth coverage on the spoiler page, but I wanted to highlight a few cards here that may have a financial impact.

Sage's Reverie

Foils of this seem like a relatively safe bet. I bet they start out at like $0.25 and I bet it takes a while for Bruna, Light of Alabaster players to come around. While it's true drawing a ton of cards when you're trying to "combo off" with Bruna isn't exactly what you want, if you have enough if your yard to win, this can draw you enough cards to ensure you get some countermagic to ensure your victory and it can also buff Bruna quite a bit. In a deck like Uril the Miststalker you are even happier to draw a ton of cards. Rafiq can probably use this, although 4 mana is pricy. There are a lot of Voltron commanders that benefit from a silly, savage card like this. It even boosts for copies of Arrest or Pacifism you may have in play. I think this is very good. I don't know if I am paying cash for foils yet, but this is virtually assured to correct upward to an extent that non-foil copies may be impacted, but I tend to doubt it. We're not looking at scarcity like we see with out-of-print sets. Cards printed after EDH was adopted have a much tougher time of being the next Ghostly Prison in terms of pricing for uncommons. 1-of formats have a tough time doing that.

Renowned Weaponsmith

I was pretty sure a card called "Vial of Dragonfire" would be in the set, and I'm puzzled that it's not. Heart-Piercer Bow is an uncommon from Khans of Tarkir, putting your chance of getting these two cards together in Limited somewhere between "diddly" and "nevar". This card still has some potential if you're trying to jam out artifacts, and maybe he'd be a cool pauper EDH general (that can't play the Bow ><) or something, but we can't rule this guy out entirely until we see what Vial of Dragonfire does. Expect this to be worthless before the last set comes out, giving you an opportunity to speculate. I probably won't do it, but there is a non-zero chance there is money there. Personally, I wish this were another situation like we had in Scars Limited where you could cast Trinket Mage for Darksteel Axe.

His first ability is worth noting. He taps for 2 mana and that makes him decent ramp in like a Memnarch deck or something.

Mardu Woe-Reaper

THIS is a Magic card. He's not likely to be the next Monastery Swiftspear but he is pretty likely to get played. I have seen people brew with Warriors in Standard, and while the deck's not really where it needs to be yet (that could change), hype is putting this guy above a buck. He could go even higher. However, unless Standard shifts fundamentally, expect him to follow the price trajectory of something like Dryad Militant.

Rally the Ancestors

The absolute price ceiling on this card has to be lower than the price ceiling on Immortal Servitude, right? This card is worse than that. Immortal Servitude enjoyed a brief foray into the spotlight, and casting this at X=2 is cheaper than it was with Servitude. Are there enough CIP triggers to justify playing with a card that doesn't let you attack with the creatures and only leaves them around for less than a turn cycle? This is likely bulk unless someone breaks it. It's breakable, but it's also mostly worse than similar cards whose price histories are known to us.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang


tasigur the goldenfang

My initial review of this card was gloomy and I got a lot of flak from Tasigur enthusiasts. Oddly enough, nothing they said in support of the card was anything different than what I included in my review. Still, Travis Allen had charitable things to say about the card, and the EDH community, a community that initially wasn't bullish on the card appears to be warming a bit, although how much remains to be seen.

I see $9 playsets on eBay right now. I see very similar cards that have done nothing price-wise. I see a lot of other good EDH generals in recent sets printed at non-mythic rare that have done nothing price-wise. This card's price future entirely hinges on its playability in 60 card formats. I don't think this has the goods. People seem to disagree. If a 4/5 for B is really something Standard decks want to be doing a ton of, I guess he could replace Hooting Mandrils in the lists that run that card.

Here's the deal. If you think I'm wrong and Tasigur is the best card in the set, there's money to be made buying at $9 a playset. Don't tell me I'm wrong, bet me I'm wrong. Bet some money.

Hero's Blade

heros blade

This could be good if the hero in question is Brimaz, King of Oreskos. Craig Wescoe has said as much on social media!

In the real world, I think this is pretty bad. In constructed, obviously. This cleaves stuff. It cleaves it good. In constructed, though, 4 is too much and uncommon equipment isn't that exciting. Don't buy into the hype.



It's hard to imagine this not being worth money. This has the flexibility that makes people inclined to run either mode willing to pay an extra blue to have access to the other mode in a pinch. If you have infinite mana, either mode is essentially the same, but I think this is the best Pendant of Prosperity variant ever printed and it is a great long-term card and one that's relatively safe from reprint.

Dark Deal

Something is going on with the foil presales on this card. Foil presales are a terrible risk and most sites don't do them because it's nearly impossible to guarantee a given number will be opened. This card is part of combo decks that need cards in the graveyard, and this is silly in Nekusar, the Mindrazer decks. Still, we saw people move on foil Treasure Cruise early and the price never went down. Keep an eye on this.

Mob Rule

mob rule

They basically reprinted Insurrection. This card is way better in EDH than anywhere else just like Insurrection. I want foils of this in a bad way. Since not getting smaller creatures shouldn't be an issue if you're getting all of everyone's creatures, this is basically an Insurrection that is way easier to cast. This is also likely to fly largely under the radar. Get foils of this.

Return to the Earth

return to the earth

Another foil to get. EDH decks that were running Crushing Vines are giving this a look and I think this has enough upside to pay one more mana.


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