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Ice Age isn’t exactly known for its endless value. Just because there are no $100 cards in the set doesn’t mean its terrible to pick through. This week Sig shares his appreciation for Ice Age and highlights why its bulk may be worth more than it seems.

Hello, and welcome to the second half of our Mirrodin retrospective, highlighting the money cards in the set. Mirrodin was a critical block, much like the Urza block, that supercharged Magic, pushed it to its limits, and fundamentally changed how the game designers created future sets. Last week, we left off with Lightning Greaves, and […]

Welcome back! We’re finishing up Odyssey this week, leading into exploring the rest of the block for hidden gems. There’s nothing like finding a dollar hiding in your junk rare box! Let’s take a look at the remaining half of Odyssey! Lieutenant Kirtar Odyssey had a lot of bird themes to it that are still […]

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