Light Up the Stage

It’s maybe been said to the point of platitude at this point, but Modern is a format that rewards deck mastery. At least for me, it’s also way more fun when you can find a deck that ticks all your preference boxes. I’ve been playing Eldrazi Stompy since Thought-Knot Seer was spoiled, and Counter-Cat since […]

Spinning off from a section in article #23, Eddie starts this new What’s Next series by looking into what could be in store for Modern after the KCI banning.

Instant/sorcery support? Cost-reduction mechanics? Cheap card draw for aggressive strategies? Light Up the Stage, a card with spectacle spoiled from Ravnica Allegiance this week, hits all my soft spots, yanking me from a haze of Inkling up-smashes and Richter side-specials to brew anew. Today, I’ll share my findings on Light Up the Stage in what […]

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