1. I was part of the Judge Staff for MF NJ, the turnout for the event and all the side events was so overwhelming they had to take the tables from the feature match area to be used so others could play magic. This would have been a reasonable reason to be upset however it was limited format, which is the least viewed coverage out of the GP/MF formats. I think the comment about viewers watching to see what cards to pick up and get rid of is irrelevant because of the format.

    Last note: If this was a constructed format, especially Standard, the head judge (CJ Crooks) would have kept the feature match area intact. It would have been a mistake to do otherwise since it was release weekend for RNA.

    The biggest lesson learned that CFBE should takeaway from this event is that Meadowlands Exposition Center is too small to meet the needs of the New Jersey area Magic Fest community.

    • I agree that Limited doesnt provide much in terms of card/market movement. But i was referring to gp/mf as a whole. However, i understand coverage might still be different for constructed.

      Overall tho, coverage is valuable because it’s a powerful/effective marketing/advertising tool. Applicable for all formats. Even moreso for a release weekend.

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