Today’s article subject spawned from a discussion that began in the QS Discord chat. One of our members was contemplating stepping away from the game forĀ a while and wanted to know the best place to park his money and/or what to trade into. As expected, a lot of people immediately jumped to Power. The general […]

The holidays are in full swing and the new year is right around the corner. And as some of you may know, the stock market has been a bit shaky in the last month or so. But it seems Magic is still doing pretty well during this slightly volatile time. I think a good portion […]

It’s hard to believe that Scars of Mirrodin is nearly two years old. It’s nearing the end of its rotation through Standard and while many of the prices in the set are still under the influence of Standard pricing, there are still a lot of hidden gems in the set. In this article, I’m going to focus on the lesser-known cards and the casual stars. You know about what Copperline Gorge and Darkslick Shores go for, but I’m sure you’ll come away from this with a more comprehensive knowledge of the set. If you’re looking for throw-ins or running your own bulk box, you’ll get a lot out of this.

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