1. Geth is a really sweet commander, but he is very mana intensive and requires a handful of other somewhat pricey cards Cabal Coffers, Gauntlet of Power, Nirkana Rev, etc to really be effective. I think that’s what has held him back in popularity as far as good mono black commanders go. I have one or two floating around that I should probably look at moving based on your advice. I would agree with the synopsis that there isn’t really a driver to move the price any higher, but definintely a huge risk of reprint.

    • Glad to know that someone shares the same perspective as me! I think it’s time to move them while it’s still in this price range.

  2. Found your bit here a year later: Geth is now $9.50. You called it, but he hasn’t been reprinted and I don’t think he’s going to get reprinted as he’s not popular enough.

    I also have to chime in & say that Geth is my favorite card in all of Magic – and it is for the exact reasons you guys aren’t too high on him – you need to make BIG MANA and let me tell you, it is a blast to do so. As someone who has and uses many of the aforementioned cards
    to wipe the board and ramp, there is nothing more satisfying than killing your opponents with their own creatures and artifacts; especially when you combo off with their degenerate stuff. You are more correct than you know when you say that Geth is under utilized.
    However, I would beg to differ on needing pricey cards…you just aren’t optimized if you use the cheap stuff. I have a $50 budget Geth deck in addition to my very expensive one and it can keep up with far more expensive decks that my opponents try to wield against him because big mana and boardwipes allow you to vacuum up their best pieces.

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