In Garruk’s Wake

The holidays are in full swing and the new year is right around the corner. And as some of you may know, the stock market has been a bit shaky in the last month or so. But it seems Magic is still doing pretty well during this slightly volatile time. I think a good portion […]

I’m not happy about this. I like spoiler season. I like staying up to see a few new cards. I like how Wizards has gotten very good at controlling the flow of information and showing us what we need to see when we need to see it so we get excited. As a financier, when […]

The hints have been there for awhile. The Garruk-Liliana storyline. Webcomics. Garruk Relentless // Garruk, the Veil-Cursed. Now we have the next piece of the puzzle, one that Jason highlighted today: In Garruk’s Wake, the new Plague Wind for Commander. To me, this kind of cements it: We’re going to see Garruk finally move into […]

“…some more” I can hear some of you saying. Some of you are likely of the opinion that EDH is already ruined because it is a silly cartoon of a format. I know that is an opinion because I used to have that opinion. Bear with me, though. Wizards has seen fit to print another […]

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