Cyclops Gladiator

I am not a deckbuilding expert.  I like to think I am pretty good at tweaking existing lists to perfect them for my expected metagame, but I am no deckbuilder.  That said, I recently attempted to build a new brew that could attack the metagame from a new angle.  I’m not going to claim this […]

Today I want to take a brief hiatus from writing about internet trading to discuss my States trading experience and give some ideas on rebuilding a binder after it has been cleaned out by a dealer. Connecticut States was a pretty good size, with a little over 150 people, so I figured there was going […]

Burn, baby, burn!  It’s time to check out how red did in the rares department with M11.  The color of fire, passion, and Tom LaPille’s hair got an interesting take on an old concept, a giant dragon to please the Timmys of the world, and a re-imagining of a former archetype-definer.

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