I love doing my financial recaps of older sets where I mine the expensive cards, but going back further is a little harder in two ways. First, there are just so few good cards in older sets. Second, the good ones don’t often turn over, so it’s hard to establish prices. Luckily, Mirage Block was the first “modern” block and it brought in some great spells that wizards still sling today. Let’s take a walk through time as we re-acquaint ourselves with the block. Below is a list of some of the choice picks from the block; I left out the cards worth under two dollars, leaving only the prime cards on the list. There are some cards in here that I guarantee will surprise you.

Hello, my name is Kyle Kloster, and I’d like to discuss Legacy Reanimator. I’ll talk a bit about my experiences working on the deck since the banning of Mystical Tutor and look at some of the problems (and my solutions) with the deck in the current format. The deck’s popularity has been declining since the […]

Welcome back to our romp through Mercadian Masques! We’ll be taking a look at the back end of the set, along with the big-ticket foils in the set. Let’s get started with our list… Nether Spirit A long time ago in Standard, Nether Spirit was part of a blue/black/red deck that would aim to discard […]

By Stu Somers Recently, a reader wrote in and asked a question to Kelly that involved this sentence: “I am not the best person at ‘trading for profit’ mostly because most of the players in my community are stone cold sharks.” A fish, which is someone that knows nothing about values and you can easily […]

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