Stu Somers

I am keeping this week’s article short for two reasons. First is that not a lot of exciting things have happened, and secondly I am mostly just going to tell you about what my plan is going forward. I thought of something really exciting to do for the next 4 weeks and I think it […]

Howdy everyone! What an exciting week! The “Godbook” was released and we got ourselves a full spoiler a week before the season even started! Not gonna lie, that made this week’s article really easy to write. I am going to touch upon a few of the cards spoiled (the all-stars really, and some pretty good […]

Right now it is mid-afternoon on Thursday and I have no clue what to write on. Last week, there was the StarCity buylist going up and all the fun financial ramifications from that. It was easy. This week, not so much. There were a few high-profile events and announcements over the past week that I […]

Welcome back everyone! Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s foray into MTGO redemptions, even though it is unfortunately not as profitable as it was in the past. There were lessons to learn there for the future. I was struggling for a topic this week, and then a miracle happened, Star City Games decided to post a […]

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile, I know, but some time life just takes over and writing is the last thing you want to do. However, I am now taking over the Friday financial spot and will hopefully be able to find 4 topics a month that aren’t rehashed or common sense. Consider this the Making […]

What’s shakin’ everyone? Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! November and December are easily my busiest months buying cards, so I have been busy running to stores in the area, taking advantage of deals and dealing with people that have contacted me throughout the months. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention […]

What’s going on everybody? Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving! It’s been a month and that means time to review all the hot news that came out this past month and what it means going forward. I am partially in a food coma at this point on Thanksgiving Day and debating on battling Best Buy at […]

What’s up guys? How have you all been? It’s been over a month since my last article and there have been a few reasons for it. The first is I am starting a company and have been spending a lot of time working the finances and getting a plan into place. The second reason has […]

By Stu Somers Recently, a reader wrote in and asked a question to Kelly that involved this sentence: “I am not the best person at ‘trading for profit’ mostly because most of the players in my community are stone cold sharks.” A fish, which is someone that knows nothing about values and you can easily […]

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