Prerelease Trading and Future Works

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I am keeping this week's article short for two reasons. First is that not a lot of exciting things have happened, and secondly I am mostly just going to tell you about what my plan is going forward. I thought of something really exciting to do for the next 4 weeks and I think it will be well received. So, the first part of the article will be a "prerelease primer" that is the exact opposite of what the majority of people will tell you and the second will outline the next month.

Prerelease Trading

Everyone loves trading at the prerelease, being the first to get the new cards, wowing all of their friends with the hottest foil they got a hold of. Sounds like a good time right? Well, not for the informed trader, and that is what you all are, right? Right?! A lot of writers have told you how to trade at prereleases and what to look for with the new cards, however I am going to tell you to not even bother trading for the new cards for at least a month after the sets come out.

Prices are far too fickle for the first few weeks. The typical grinder wants to rarely lose on a trade and the biggest way to lose is to trade for cards whose prices have not settled. Why take the risk? Why not just wait a bit, the money will always be there to made. I would focus on picking up cards that are going to be needed for the upcoming PTQ season. Try to find a stack of Inquisitions or other hot cards.....(me thinking).....

Actually, don't get any type 2 cards unless you can move them quickly. As I was typing that I started to think that type 2 prices are going to be really interesting soon. A lot of the cards have prices based around the Caw-Blade deck. The Sword and Mystic are worth so much because they are good in that deck together, but Mystic is rotating at the end of the summer, so Sword might take a dip due to that or other insane equipment being better. And then there is all of the Zendikar block cards rotating soon; Scars of Mirrodin isn't much better with a lot of value being nowhere in the block so far. Titans are dropping save for Inferno Titan, but odds are they are being reprinted to go along with the promos being given out this year.

I would focus on Legacy or Vintage honestly. Get things like Brainstorms, Fetchlands, etc. Stuff that will hold value through the Summer. I have yet to see another person mention this yet and people are saying "get this from the new set" or "dump those Jaces now." I say dump all Type 2 till the Fall.

Why Brian Demars should never write about Magic Finances.

Seriously, his article on SCG just gave me headaches (like one, and while that was happening, another one occurred). He literally just copied everything that every financial writer ever has said and added some math and thought it was quality writing and information. Of course stores buy at numbers lower than they sell. Of course the eBay number is different than the retail number. Ugh, in my opinion it was just full of awfulness and I wish I could get those minutes of my life back, but I never will.

Going Forward

So recently, a few people have asked me what it would cost to buy an "Instant Collection." Something that will build them every deck in a certain format. So each week, I am going to cover Vintage, Legacy and Standard. I am not doing Extended due to my feeling that that format is dead. I will do Commander and potentially Cube if people are interested (maybe even a pimper's guide to Vintage too). I will list cards by colors and their price per card. I will then include the appropriate multiplier and add the totals and that will be about what you will have to pay to build every Tier 1-Tier 3ish deck in a format. Let me know what you all think of this idea.

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5 thoughts on “Prerelease Trading and Future Works

  1. Stephen Menedian has been keeping a spreadsheet of everything that matters in Vintage. I don't know what he's done with it since he stopped writing for SCG, but that's probably a good starting point.

  2. Actually the one thing I did like in Brian's article was the suggestion of looking at buy prices. Not that this was the first time I heard this, but few mention it and to me he did drive home the big difference between looking at buy or sell prices. I think he somewhat messed up the applications further on, but it's a good way to show why you'd want more for your popular card, even if sell values are close.

    I like the instant collection idea, but I'm not sure how applicable it is for most people.

  3. Instant collection, while interesting, shouldn't be the focus of a multi-part article. Anyone who wants to buy an instant collection doesn't belong in the finance section. They're not grinding to trade up to duals, cashing out collections or trading entirely for a deck. People who want these collections are players, not traders or speculators, who I feel is what the QS Finance section should be about.

  4. I like it as a bonus thing, do you intend to revisit it when formats rotate?

    Also I am one of those people looking for ways to save money. Occasionally I will try to make a little profit on cards but I just don't deal in the volumes serious dealers are. Also don't have the time to do that. I probably make just enough profit to justify my subsription here ;).

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