New Phyrexia Review

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Howdy everyone! What an exciting week! The "Godbook" was released and we got ourselves a full spoiler a week before the season even started! Not gonna lie, that made this week's article really easy to write. I am going to touch upon a few of the cards spoiled (the all-stars really, and some pretty good rookies with some potential) and tell you what I think they will do.

Batterskull 5
Artifact – Equipment (M)
Living weapon
Equipped creature gets +4/+4 and has vigilance and lifelink.
3 : Return Batterskull to its owner’s hand.
Equip 5

Man, this card is a beating already.  I think you are going to see a 3-way battle between this guy, the Sword of Feast and Famine and Sword of War and Peace for the spot opposite of Mortorpod in Caw-Blade.  Presales have this at $20, and I am inclined to see it over between $15-$20 while Stoneforge is around. Who knows what will happen to all this equipment prices when the mystic rotates but until then this guy is going to put a serious damper on any aggro deck.

Sword of War and Peace 3
Artifact – Equipment (M)
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from red and from white.
Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, Sword of War and Peace deals damage to that player equal to the number of cards in his or her hand and you gain 1 life for each card in your hand.
Equip 2

So, we swing, hit the opponent for some amount and then immediately kill their planewaslker? Seems really good. The "good" problem to have is what effect is swingier? Sword of FaF or this guy? I am giving the slight edge to this guy since it battles through Squadron Hawks and stops bolts and condemns. Card should stay in the same range as Sword of Feast and Famine for the rest of the summer.

Hex Parasite 1
Artifact Creature – Insect (R)
x(P/B): Remove up to X counters from target permanent. For each counter removed this way, Hex Parasite gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

This guy is real interesting, I just don't know how interesting. At this point it is determining which planeswalker killer is better: the Sword, Beast Within, or this guy. Vampires will for sure love this guy. They Jace, and then just die the next turn. Same with the red decks.  Probably be around $5 for awhile and then settle down to $3 eventually, kind of like Phyrexian Revoker, except this one should actually work.

Myr Superion 2
Artifact Creature – Myr (R)
Spend only mana produced by creatures to cast Myr Superion.

All I have to say is: Aether Vial much? Probably stay low for a bit unless something stupid comes out in type 2 that makes this guy just become the next cheap giant creature.

Mental Misstep (P/U)
Instant (U)
Counter target spell with converted mana cost 1.

Card is good. "Free" spells are dangerous. Countering all sorts of one drops has real potential, especially in the older formats. I would see this thing being in the $5 range to start, dropping down to $2-$3 while the foils will be in double digits for the Vintage players loving this card.

As for the rest of the set, tons of casual goodies. Grab as many giant creatures in foil as you possibly can. These are the cards that are worth several times more than their non-foil version based on their appeal to the EDH crowd.  There are tons of good cards in the commons and uncommons, so I see this set shaking things up. Old cards will find new uses and prices will change all across the board. The next few weeks should be very exciting.

MOTL/MTGO: stu55
AIM: stoopskoo15
Store: The Vault- Greensburg, PA

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