Battle for Zendikar – General Discussion and News

Although I didn’t open an Expedition, my pre-release went about as well as it could’ve. I opened a challenging but incredibly strong sealed pool, featuring Undergrowth Champion, Beastcaller Savant, Brutal Expulsion (as my foil promo), Guardian of Tazeem, Ruinous Path and a suite of incredible commons and uncommons. The pool was a difficult build because […]

Just a quick post to let you know what you need to focus on: Felidar Sovereign (R) Defiant Bloodlord (R) Nissa’s Renewal (R) Oran-Rief Hydra (R) Sylvan Scrying x2 (U) Barrage Tyrant (R) Serpentine Spike (R) Transgress the Mind x2 (U) Processor Assault x2 (U) Drowner of Hope (R) Desolation Twin (R) Titan’s Presence (U) […]

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