Journey Into Nyx

Greetings, Super Sleuths!   In the great tradition of giving us some information early but making us work for it, Journey Into Nyx release weekend has a puzzle for us to figure out. Earlier, Dack Fayden was spoiled in all of his glory using a very complicated cipher, but the internet, working as a team, […]

No deep thoughts or cool links today, but I did do something a little different with my Journey into Nyx prerelease than I usually do, and I thought it worth sharing. Typically, I go to the LGS that I’m comfortable at, either the one I work out of or another closeby where I have a lot of […]

Remember hearing about so-called “God Packs” where the person telling the story SWORE that he knew a guy who knew a dude who opened a booster and every card in the pack was rare? It appears Wizards has decided to have some fun with us- there are reports coming in of God packs – literally […]

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