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Want to learn how to get more from each and every trade? Need to know how to turn your meager binder into a Black Lotus? If you’re just starting off with Magic or if you’re a seasoned vet, you’re sure to get a lot from the following free articles from Quiet Speculation. Each of these articles is a great cross-section of what we do at QS, so feel free to bookmark this page and share it with your friends. You can always find out about new articles and features by following the @quietspec twitter, which is manned by Kelly, Doug, and all our writers. Be sure to check out the archives of the authors you like!

Five Ways to Kill a Trade

Corbin Hosler (Click to read more by Corbin!)

We always expect traders to maintain a certain level of respect when conducting themselves and Corbin's article outlines the 5 most annoying things that bad traders do.

The Four Tier System

Stephen Moss (Click to read more by Stephen!)

Stephen's Endless Horizons column teaches us a sorting system that emphasizes displaying high-value cards together. A must-read for those who like "lifehacker" style articles.

The Worth Matrix

Chris McNutt (Click to read more by Chris!)

McNutt's amazing data analysis brings new insights and his Worth Matrix concept lays the groundwork for his future evaluations. After the Worth Matrix, you can go on to read current breakdowns of the Magic financial market every week. His aggregate list of the best buylist prices is great for people who want to unload cards and indulge in arbitrage. His breakdowns alone are worth the price of subscription.

Shark Infested Waters

Stu Somers (Click to read more by Stu!)

Stu speaks from experience when he tells both new and experienced traders how to handle a difficult trade partner. Sometimes, you need to know when to nix a deal.

Maximizing Ebay Profits

Doug Linn (Click to read more by Doug!)

Doug takes an in-depth look at Ebay auctions around, and proves that when you list an item is almost as important as what you list.

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